Thursday, April 7, 2016

Travel Post part 2 - Travelling with Kids and Some Travel Plan Tips

Planning for a travel, be it solo, with friends or family, a bit of effort..lots of reading, some prehand planning and you never need an external party to set things for you. We can always manage ourselves, and at a much cheaper rate.
Going in brief…
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1. Make a spreadsheet of your itenary with the contact details of the people..on printed paper, in case technology (your phone/tab/pc) fails you. You always have their contact address in hand.

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Some tips..which you would have come along during your reads ..make note, so that you remember it..when you need it ! would read in some blog, on where to sit, while going for a river cruise to get the best views and seat to click proper photographs. Make note of it, on your itenary. It helps...take it  !

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2.     An expense log. This was the interesting part. To see where your real expense is, compared to what you forecasted. Incase its close calculated it right at the very first place …not bad ! If less..whola ! you SAVE !! And if more…well positive…travel more…you can make it right in your next  :P

3.    The packing. See the weather forecast for the place during the time you are there. Ours was rainy/sunny/hot/humid. So in went light cottons, flipflops, shorts and umbrellas with lots of sunscreen. In fact our neighbours who saw us leave, was kind of this all that you have. For 5 of us, for 10 days, we had just two suitcases, a medium and a small..with an extra bag with few things we had purchased for our friends and family.  Rest was just shoulder bag/handcarry.  
4. Some tight packing and you can really save a lot of space. I had sorted the dresses out for the boys night dress for each, for the first night, in one bundle…a set of spare tee’s in a bundle, all rolled and in a rubber band. This way..its very easy to take things up without messing with the whole bag. Wrap a set of dress for each day you basically just need to put out that one from the bags.

5.     A mini pharmacy. are with a strange land..and so there’s no taking chances. A small dose for any likely infection u can come up with  . Be it fever/cough/allergy..especially coz of climate change…stomach upset..pain balms.. take it. This does make up for some weight..but..dont bother..take it ! wouldn’t have to use it.

6. Print out of all your  A screenshot save ...would always suffice, but as i said..dont take chances. 

In case, your phone has run out of broke do have the papers !

7. A check list is a must..of all the MUST needed papers, and better to keep a note of where you have kept in. Like the chargers, kids tooth brush..etc. With the number of sections in your dont want to end up opening each zib to search where you had put it at the very first place.
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  1. Sona loved reading the post. How do u estimate the expenses to be incurred in a foreign land I mean everything other than pre-booked stuff?

    1. Good question there. In my case ..well...I had lots of time to plan...which means lots of reading were involved.once you got the travel and stay amounts is just food and shopping...generally. A look at some menus ...reading about food outlets would give a rough idea of how much it would be. And then shopping. That is a gues work. I just put some random amount to it...and converted to the currency which I use...Kuwaiti Dinar..I tell myself. Alright...we have this much amount for purchase for today. And u are not going to use the full thing. I use less ..meaning...I score ! ;)

    2. Thank u for the reply Sona. Agree,reading helps in sorting some of the stuff. Hmm, I am not an impulsive buyer so that part is sorted :).

    3. great ! me too now. u wud have seen in my pics what i shopped. apart for a handbag and the food supplies...some chakka..that was it.. ;)