Sunday, December 22, 2013

Getting set for Christmas and a long awaiting WIN !

20/12/2013                                                                          Friday, 6:30 pm
  (hey ! you noticed the date ? 2012 2013 ! Two years together. ;) )
The Tree is up..the Crib is lill LED snowmen and Santas are out...our
home is up for our "last" Christmas. last.i mean, its our last, in this flat where we are right now. Moving to better premises by next, definitely want this to be special.
Some images of our home...

Hark Now Hear....the Angels sing....

The crib .Alright..alright...Baby Jesus just landed a few days prior...on demand by my little one.

Our night. (sorry for the bad quality)
Typing up this post from the study desk...its big time shouts, laughter and cheers, rising from our living room. Real celebrations for dH and his College Allumini Cricket Team. It was the finals today..and they won the match !!! and this indeed special.

Well...theirs "IS" a strong team; have been reaching the finals for the last 7 yrs and was winning too...except for last 3 years. The same oponents all yest years, and compared to the men in late 30's and 40's thats us... the other team on the other hand are more younger blood, more bachelors. We kept losing to them, in the finals. And now..the trophy is back !..Time to rejoice !!!!
The first round of celebration is what is ongoing our home, while typing this down (God knows, when this will be posted thou) . Now, its just the men... the team alone. Next goes..with team members and family, on a larger scale. Yet to take place. Looking forward to it.
 Some hand-assemled/home -made Chrsitmas decor.

Wrapped the greens around an inverted yogurt cup and placed the candle on top.

 These candles just wouldn't stay perfectly straight..yet..fine enough.

A makeover for the corner flower pot

Door wreath - Cut a ring out of card board and stitched the greens and decorations atop.

Some edible Christmas art ? Pop onto my cook-ie space Quick Picks for the details.
the boyz...



  1. Looks like you are very excite for Christmas, so much decor.. :)
    Happy to know that you are moving for good.. :)
    I am inviting you to enter my $50 Choies Giveaway

  2. yup I said, its our last at our this current home which is soo dear to us. So, want this year to be special. And some of the hand done deco are from yest years too.

  3. Wow such lovely detailing Happy Christmas to u and ur fam :)

  4. awesome! r u planning to shift or something?

  5. Wow ! So nice deco...merry Christmas to you !

  6. love the edible art. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  7. Rafeeda- yup...but just flat..close by itself. better larger premises. :)

  8. thank you Sapana and Linsy - very merry Christmas to you too !

  9. wishing you and yours a blessed christmas

  10. Oops!! I missed this post......beautiful decorations and nice to see the details dear.....

  11. Hi my dear Sona..... SORRY..I'm late in commenting. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and family. God blessed.

    Love your cute and beautiful decoration, very creative idea. 2 thumbs up for you.

    Be seeing you. Have a lovely day. With lots of love.

  12. Amelia - thanks a bunch, dearest... and hope you too had a blasty Christmas ...keep in touch....rgds...

  13. Your are so creative! Love that fabulous edible art ..

  14. WOw Sona; really loving the decoration part with creativity :) too GOod :) Hope you enjoyed a lot ;)