Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Good rain...bad rain....


one of the most simplest poems on |RAIN, that i have ever come across ...
......like/hate..good/bad...as simple as that .
For the "like", "good" part of the rain, below are some images of my husband's nephews lavishing in the rains. His place is at Pala in Kottayam District, Kerala and its very very green...(oh well...more watery these days like the rest of our state)

This is originally a paddy field and now its more of a lake.

The road and the fields at equal height, from mean sea level. ;)
With their self made "dhow". My son who was also in India during those days (but sadly at my paternal home, which is around 2 hrs drive from here) was terribly sad that he missed this "boating" expedition.

Thats our Kuwait product nephew also on vacation and having an experience of a life time !

Our backyard, and the kido in red is our Big B. (whuw !! he put on so much weight in just a month. see his big tummy ! After effects of "lots of grandparental-love" )
 now..for the "hate", "bad" part of the rain poem above.

Our Cochin International Airport getting flooded and all flight services suspended, just few days before my son and husband (who went down to bring him back) was to return !!!!  

As such my younger one's were on a continuous question mode as to when their dad n brother will be back, and this was ...

 Oooh Noo !!!

(just to share, this was the hospital we used to visit during our college days).
Anyways, thankfully, the rains reduced and the flight service restarts...and...my family was back to square 1...right on time !
So, the Rain poem goes back to..the "good", "like" mode...

image courtesy - google-y.

....I like rain....
....Rain is good....


  1. Hi Sona, very nice posting. Enjoyed looking at those pictures, your husband's nephews and your boys lavishing in the rains. These are really fun but the flood is no fun at all. :(
    The airport and hospital... OMG...it look bad.

    Our drainage system here also quite bad and when heavy rain for 2 or 3 hours, it sure to flood too. Partially due to some inconsiderate people throw rubbish in the drain cause all the blockage. :(

    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  2. yes..agree with you Amelia..its good and very bad, at the same time. !!

  3. those snaps are beautiful... thankfully, our place doesn't get flooded to this level, despite heavy rains... i've heard that the southern side is more prone to such attacks, and this time, it's been the highest rain in 22 years it seems... love that mention of ur boy and the grandparent love... :D

  4. lovely clicks Sona, your boys are just having gr8 fun with your hubbys nephew...
    We should all be ashamed to see our airports and hospitals like this... We need a great change back in India from the politicians and the public...
    There is saying in tamil which says when the head is right the rest of the part body and tail will all be correct. Things need to be fixed from the top level and go on at each level...

  5. lovely pictures.. M falling in love again n again as I see the kid in red.. :) grandparental love cannot be explained.. beyond words.. well written sona..

  6. @RAFEEDA - yes..many did say that this was the first time that the water rose to such heights even in the unexpected of areas.

  7. PRIYA - ver true saying indeed. Very much agree with you.

  8. Its a simpke but bautiful poem.. I know that rains creats so many bad problms , my mum hates rain because it increases her wirk but still i love tain..
    Picks you showed are todays reality in india.. It raind a lot and my lane is filled with water..
    Keep in touch,

  9. Hey Sona, lovely clicks of ur son lavishing in 'good' rain. Nostalgic as well.
    Airport, hospital pics r scary as well, I hope rain gets better soon.
    Hope you and family had a great vaccation

  10. Beautiful clicks Sona.. Your boys are definitely having fun... Awesome post dear :-)

  11. Awesome clicks Sona... n I feel nostalgic of my childhood :) Lov d pic of ur son n d boys enjoying the rain...

  12. It ages since I saw so much rain.We used make the "dhow" with vazhathada :)

  13. Wow, such a lot of rain! Great pictures. Such an interesting post - thanks so much.

  14. dis is so sad...so much of places r filled wtr in India also.more or less wt ever it is,effects ppl n suffering all.:(
    but i remembered once my college days..:)

  15. This post brings back so many nostalgic memories...Never experienced major flood though...but ya rains...I am also from Pala :) and my parents were saying they were living as if in an island...thankfully the water didn't enter our house.

  16. nice pictures..love rain..nice post dear :)
    following you :)

    my recent one :http://www.vanitynoapologies.com/2013/08/rimmel-london-scandaleyes-precision-micro-eyeliner-swatch-review-eotd.html

    P.S This is not my blog.I am writing for some ppl..she is one of them..keep reading my posts..Love <3

  17. nice pictures bringing back nostalgic memories. Thanks for sharing