Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Malay Part 4 - iMdriven, the best travel provider in Malaysia, so we say.

Now that the first stay had been sorted, it was the next enquiry to Ms. Esther, (mentioned in the previous post) if they would provide airport pickup. Well , they doesn't do that, but could always arrange it for us. Fair enough. And thats how this group comes into picture.

Mr. Tony , of iMDriven, his luxury MUV and our men 
 iMdriven, was suggested by her. 

Tony..is the name to go for. He would write us an email introducing themselves , the rates and their service details. All details provided seemed right..and even through email enquiry, we could feel the genuine air around their service. 

A glance on their fb page, did give more confidence...thanks to the positive reviews his customers had written.He would give suggestions on some strategic places to visit..especially where to have the food halts. He was prompt to pick us up and interesting to watch was how he pushed the big trolley with our bags soo smoothly onto the escalator going down , in the airport. He would arrange for us a simcard, and icy cold water was always in supply throughout the travel.  

So that was it . Mr.Tony !!! With our boys... during all our travel deals around Malay land . 

He would be a great company to dH. Lots and lots of talks....from politics..Malay and Indian....to arranged marriage...they never had a moment of silence. A store house of knowledge...we too learned a lot about Malaysia. It history...geography....peoples chemistry.... 

And interestingly to both us ,and to him..we came to know…that Prime Minister in Malay and Malayalam, is the same !! Pradhana Manthri.

And for my part..a good insight into their cuisine as well. The three different cuisines there - Traditional Malay, Malay Chinese, Malay Chettinad. How they evolved....the history of food.... 

All our food halts were left to him. He would take us to traditional Malay restaurant one day...Malay Chinese the next, and even suggest where we need to go, when we were not with him !! 

Read more about the food experience "here" on my Quick Picks .  

Thats our boy. No.1 at the National Monument. Some history of the freedom fight . 

Discussing the next places to visit while he was about to take leave, on an other errand. We said good by there....after three days of his excellent service, before heading to singapore...but to meet again after five days on returning back to KL, for our return flight. 

The boys really loved this good man, and thats them running to their "Tony uncle" when he came to visit us during the last day of our travel..back to Malaysia from Singapore. We had to return the sim card back to him, and he would come to collect it form us, at the Batu Caves, which we had planned to visit. 

And he even offered to pay back the amount which was remaining in the sim !! Not all people do that. We   politely rejected the offer anyways..but he would buy fish feed for the kids to feed the fishes in the pond at the  cave premises, and  ice-creams for the boys...

I love this click !! Stefan...when he met him . 

So, our whole hearted recommendation for any travel deals in Malaysia…this is the person !  

Check out their fb page "here

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