Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Am on Top of the WORLD....

Had few hand notes to prepare, and getting it done... couldn't help but sway a bit in lines to this oldie goldie tune.
It was "this" that was being played at low voice from my PC at work, going on as in a loop, set to repeat , number of times "n"
I am on..Top of the World lookin' ... down on creation...
And the only explanation I can find...
Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around....
Your love's put me at the TOP OF THE WORLD !!!!

The Carpenters
 I hadnt listened to it for quite some time; and indeed felt very refreshing.

Kate and Lynn - they do look similar, in these outfits and ofcourse in size, shape and it not ?

Alright...this guy gets featured on my space every now and then..Mr. Bennet and his Band...atleast on my page. Love the combinations he comes up with...and this one, particularly is "liked". Loved Shwetaz voice, and love the way she sang this mix..but just seriosuly wished, if they could have had a bit more of the "Top of the World"" bit in.
Njoy the songs !


  1. Thanks for sharing ur kind of music with us :)

  2. Hey kind of music ! aah..well..theres nothing specific in there, as such. Anything appealing to the ears..except hard rap and rock.. is fine with me.

  3. Hi Sona, I love Carpenter's songs too. It's forever green and one never get tired of listening. :)

    Have a nice day.

  4. Guess u had a lovelyyy time :))