Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Accept these..and you are sure to enjoy Parenthood.

Came across this article  23 Exceedingly Helpful Tips for maintaining Your Sanity While Livingwith Children  by Chris Jordan, a mother to 7 and the sole owner and writer for 5 or 6 blogs !
Inspired by her, decided to come up with my own version of
“How to Successfully Survive living with numerous little Men at home”
(23 tips from Sona Mommie)
1. You start from your living room. Drooling over those fluffy fur rugs, soft white fabric cushioned couches, glass flower vases, open book shelves – the beautifully done interior deco concepts in IKEA ? Well, all that looks good in IKEA, stays in IKEA.

DO NOT attempt to bring it home. It’s just not meant to be yours…and, the concept of having a carpet below your dining table. Don’t ever think of that. ACCEPT IT.

When left alone for a moment.....

 that was when he was single...no brother's yet !

"Mission accomplished..over over"
2.       Car keys, house keys,  fry pans…missing ? You know where to dig in first.

3.       Kids missing ? You find them here.....
 In the laundry basket, waste basket (one great weakness), kitchen cabinet, the toy shelf, suitcases or even inside the wardrobe.

 They could be anywhere…except, where they are supposed to be.

4.       To the youngest one of the lot; your time starts now. The “ragging” begins from day 1.
Welcome to Planet Earth, lill one. We are gonna have some great time here.
5.       Mothers!! do not commit this grave mistake of using lip-liners or eye brow pencils in front of your kids. It makes no difference to any other pen/pencil, what so ever, to them. 

Powder, creams..are also a BIG NO, in front of kids.
They too will imitate. ..in exaggerated proportions. MIND IT.

6.       The family portrait will have too many versions.

But, does it really matter if your hands originate from your cheeks and your figure is reduced to a face and legs alone. You just don’t care….and say! Very goood !! This is soo beautiful..your father looks soo handsome ! (the above image is of us 5..and the youngest one is just in his formation stage. No hand and feet yet!)

7.       Teach your elder ones to baby-sit and of course, breathing techniques too.
It needs lots of patience.
8.       Sticker papers….tear it into bits and stick it all over him.... on one hand and ask him to transfer the entire batch to the other. A tried and tested means to keep a terriblt bored 3 year old enterntained .
Moving his face from this...to...this....

  Mommie just won herself some free minutes to herself !!!  Bingoo !

9.       You believe hand bags are just meant to be holding the purse, id cards, make up kits ?? Not necessarily.


They would start off like that for a party..but..within minutes of reaching the venue, the shawls would have moved from around their necks to….

10.   Boys believe they are the best mechanics. Can repair anything and everything under sun..just that most of the time, it goes the other way round - from the perfectly working condition to never ever start equipment...humm...ACCEPT IT.

Vaccum cleaners are one of their favourite “guinea pig” to work with…and…wherever you hide the tool box, they WILL manage to pull it out, and do the repair works.
But like this !!! the cycle chain is "FIXED"

11.   Transformers – wear any costume, get a face paint…. and its an instant transformation to that character for the rest of the day.
 Well..that’s what they believe. ACCEPT IT.

 12.   Having too many kids doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have a huge home and an even  bigger bedding space.
They will pile up.

13.   A good 40 % or more, of your day gets eaten up. ….. feeding the kids, that is. TRUTH.

14.   Food time (OMG!!!). Picky eaters but love eggs? Alright..mash up all that you can get hold off into the egg and make as omeletts !

that is one detailed separate post in my "quick picks" blog  – JUNK OMELETTE .

But if the reaction is...."yuck ! this omelette taste funny ! ", well..its time for some action. You put up that really disappointed face, as if you have learned this new revolutionary means of cooking egg from youtube just to be serving her children, and its something so new, that even the chef's at Sharavanabhavan haven't learnt how to make them. But their Mom just did ! Convince them, you are a superpower !!!

15.   Making pancakes, chapathi, dosa..whatever…go by doubles. Else, you are just not gonna get things done on time, especially during school days and you too need to leave for work.

Keep a pair of each – puttumaker, Appam and Dosa pans…especially your breakfast makers...and never insist that your pans should have it's handles in place. Most of the time..it wouldn't be there.

16.   They LOVE brooms.


17.   Need to try out some hair styling and they wouldn’t give in ?
Do it while in this position. ;)

18.   Don’t be surprised if your don’t find your kid in his bed where you laid him the previous night. They might wake up to go to the toilet, the mid-sleep walk might end just at the toilet door, do the needful ..pizzzz…onto the toilet floor (who bothers to walk up to the closet at midnight, anyways)..and walk back, but lose track and end up sleeping in the other room.

19.   Toys – don’t EVER ask me. I am not responsible.

20.   Mommies best hobbies –

 FORGET IT !  (in bold capitals !)

21.   Socks …in pairs….???? haa haaaaa

22. Convince them that you know the names of all the aliens of Mr. Ben Tennyson, and be proud to be crowned the "most awesome mom in the universe !" .

Make yourself the biggest fan of Shaun the sheep and George the monkey. They will love you for it. TAKE MY WORD.
23.   And..finally….you are about to wind up..a big day is coming to a close…and you just can’t survive without these two things –

A hot water bag and….TIGER BALM ….for your spine!
that again, in detail in my previous post here....  Two things to be really greatful to...

Now…having written this very much….i should also say, that a coin HAS…definitely HAS two sides.  However  hard or tough days can be at times..home, kids, career, other social commitments….yet…yet…ACCEPT IT, that you are indeed going through the best times of your lives.

They grow way too quick and these becomes the best memories of tomorrow. Something to look back and smile. Enjoy parenthood. Enjoy your kids, especially while they are young. Coz, today..ask them for a kiss…you get it..lots. Ask for a hug..you it it , tight. But tomorrow..you might not. Coz, they shy off. So, mommies make maximum use of your kids..and yes, exploit their innocence too, especially when foodings are involved. That too..you don’t get to do for long.

that's worth thinking - When Children are Loved....Parents have Peace !!!

Mommie to 3..and enjoying mother hood !


Monday, June 24, 2013

Two things to be really greatful to...

One of my co-blogger friend did wonder..how come my last post on "quick picks" end up way too abruptly . It's just a few lines and two pictures...that's it...unlike, most of my other posts which can go on and on.

Well..just having some not so good times, these days. Physically that is. My back is definitely not being good to me off late. 

 I just got back to work after a three year break as a Stay-at-Home-Mom...and....those were days when at times, you are too busy that the times that you just sit down for a while are when you are having your food/feeding them younger ones...and ofcourse, when you go the toilet ! ;)

But now...am on this sedentary position, in front of the PC..from morning till evening...and..you know..i stil have to get used to it. I am definitely not the person to sit steady at a place and find myself walking up and down quite often for something or the other. Anyways, glad that am in this really busy department. We do have work, infact as others say...this is the only department in this entire Ministry which has such work load.

Lap-tops ...
And to make it worse, i just blotted..bhoom..just put on those extra fat out of nowhere...in just about 2 weeks time!!!! And...with this extra hours we need to work each day coz of additional work load..reach back in the evening, have your late lunch by around 4:30 pm and is definitely not in a mood to work out. I used to frequent this gym while I was not working..not daily..but, say..on alternate days or so...and it was nice..we had a great philipina instructor, Jane...and the free-style dance sessions after the aerobics.. It's a ladies only gym, so you are just free to be doing anything out there...and the best was the sauna . I used to go in the mid-mornings after my elder ones had left for school..so, its definitely not the rush hour, and the entire steambath and sauna are for most of the time, to yourself.  Aaah..I miss you..BODY STYLE ! :(
bend it like pussy !

 Anyways...be it of the more sitting position at work, or the "unscientific" positioning of the car seat while am driving (that's according to the MAN).....i am with this bad back ache, come evenings.
And.....the two things that i just can't do without.....

the Tiger-balm...it definitely knows how to work wonders .

The hot water bags...place it below your spine and....lie flat atop...ooh ! it feels just great, after a tiring day.
yeah..true !!!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Killer Dialoguezzz!

just to share.....

A classified that came up in one of the websites here - Indians In Kuwait.


O.M.G !!!!  rofl !!!

got to admit..this was in one of our neighbouring buildings..humm

Resident-must-will-be-18-only..and from Shreelanka !
and if you still need more..

there's this announcement as issued by the Ministry here, on traffic control and road diversions for a major fire-works display that was to take place.


click the link above..well, thats official english !!! haa haa..major hights below "

".......The General Directorate of traffic will several conversions of distance 4 km on Gulf Street the previous day to celebrate Friday, 9/11/2012 ring junction begins with the Arabian Gulf Street until the intersection with Gulf Street fence towards Shuwaikh......"

" ..........He noted it would Gulf Street junction III with the Gulf until the intersection of fence with pedestrian and Gulf markets and celebrations, adding that parking with special needs and the elderly and State guests will be in arenas near dasman Palace Alumni Association....."

had a hearty laugh ???