Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thanks Lord...for today, my world is intact.

“The summer is HOT here?”……”Yes”
“The winter is cold?” ….”Yes”

“The months of weather change (cant use the term spring and autumn- they are more polished) are a mix of all – dust, rain, humidity, sand, at times hot, at times cold ?..and you definitely fall sick especially at this time of the year “ …….”Yes, very true”
..then..why in the world are you people ever complaining that Kuwait weather is soo soo unpredictable ???


….that was a portion from an article that I read in the newspaper sometime back (words not exactly the same..but the content is)..written by a British..on how his home country has drastically changed in the weather front…the rainy summers… how its soo grey almost year round…and why there is a bulk influx of Britishers to Australia in search of some proper summer sunshine.
The weather is getting bad..true…and so is the case everywhere..but, alteast..can’t we be just grateful to God that its manageable for us..atleast where we are right now.  
The first thing to catch my eye today morning was the images in the newspaper of the flattened terrain and the debris after the large, destructive tornado plowed its way through Moore, Oklahoma – May 20th. Just a look at those images and can you really stop yourself from saying..”Thanks God..atleast we are still surviving, our kids are so pleacefully asleep.
Once I did wonder…God forbid, something bad happens..and how prepared are we to face it ? With the best conditions that you are together with your family, during crisis…and not separated…what would you make a dash for at the very first place? Kids, food ? passport ? medicines ? dress? I would just panic and go plain blank. Absolutely nothing would work.
Just a simple powercut which is very uncommon here (compared to Kerala, where it is very much apart of your daily routine) and you panic..where are the candles? You just don’t have any…except for the show candles which you have kept in your collection to be using just as a d├ęcor during get-togethers. And no match boxes or lighter either ! You never needed them anyways. The cooking range is on auto-ignition, and your husband doesn’t smoke (another BIG thanks God ! ;) ). The only time you think about a lighter is when its your kids birthday and you need to light the birthday candles. (Atleast the kids are more smart these days. They turn on the assistive light in the mobile phone).
The virulent mother nature fuming in wrat and using all its available forms – water, wind, earth… to take the sting out. .But..over what ?? Innocent lives ??
The calm sea turn to mammoth waves – the tsunamis

The cool breeze that lifts up that kite now morphs into gigantic destructive swirlwinds wiping out an entire county – the tornadoes….
You are having a cozy time watching your favourite TV show and the next moment, your roof is atop you. The earth has quaked.

US, Philipines, Australia, China, Bangladesh….the factory building collapsing…and if these are just not enough…the man-made “madness” is Syria.

 (she could just be you...that baby could just be yours..and you have nowhere to go)
It’s really disturbing how the newspapers highlight such painful pictures right on the front page, and even bigger sized images if they have small kids in there…lying mutilated covered in blood and mud. You humiliated a naked woman in front of her daughters..and we punish you by cutting you into chunks ! …. News featured last week about the common plights in Syria.
Really really disturbing..and the more disturbing these news are..the more again, you need to be thankful to God..for atleast today and are safe…your family is have a home to go back to…and the roads are still there to take you back.
(this one...definitely scares me ! )
 (unlike my other posts which are always full of images..there are very few here. Don't want much disturbing pictures..there's enough and more out there in the papers, over the internet)


  1. hey sona... what u say is 100% true... we complain about hte summers here, but what we don't realise that the territory we stay is so so safe compared to milliion other people out there... Alhamdulillah...

  2. it is something times i use the word "thank god" but only sometimes i realize i am doing it from my heart...i am not thanking him enough for things i have but only pray that i should not loose them ahead - how stupid am i? lovely writing sona

  3. Soo true.. In today's busy life, we crib about small issues but forget that there are a lot more people suffering out there and we should thank God that we are safe and content.. Awesome write-up Sona.. Loved the quotes dear.. Hugsxx

  4. d 1st lines r opened my eyes..very nice..

  5. Hi Sona, great posting. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes or most time human are never satisfied with what they have. Some of them forgot some countries no food, no water and everyday living in fear and innocent people are dying...

    We should we grateful that we have all the necessities and not complain over small matter or weather too hot, too cold, etc...Every morning when we wake up, we should thank God that he give us another new day...:)

    Have a nice day.