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Colmar Tropicale @Bukit Tinggi, the France effect in Malay land

..cont of the previous post.   

Day 1 - After a good workout for the boys at the Flyboards, literally fully drenched in the rains.... and few very hungry around 6pm,  we started off straight to  Bukit Tinggi. A small town in the Bentong district of PahangMalaysia, located asically along the same route to the Genting Highlands, which is more famous to the outer world.

Its about an hours drive from the Kuala Lumpur City centre and is some 2,500 feet above sea level. From Putrajaya, it was an additional half an hour.  

Colmar Tropicale....French-themed village and hotel located on 80 acres (320,000 m2) of natural forestland.. Thats where we headed. 

The entrance 

Our first point of destination enroute was an early dinner halt, which we had left to Tony to suggest. And that was our first try on some very traditional Malay food. 
So, all those going up to Bukit Tinggi, can always consider this East Coast  Traditional Malay Restaurant - Leha Kelfood, Gombak, for some proper Malay food experience. (click on that link for the food post) 

The original Colmar Town in Alsace, France

Have read that this development is   inspired by the original town of Colmar in AlsaceFrance, with elements taken from few ancient surrounding villages . Above  is a borrowed image from google of the real french Colmar town, and in this case, the builders have definitely done a good job in creating a replica.  

As you reach ! 

To the right is another resort hotel , the Chateau. 

The entrance can be a bit confusing here, at the various diversions. But just follow the directions. 

See the green board there ? Go that way. Unlike most other hotels, you DONT go up to the Hotel Lobby, in your car. You go straight to the basement carpark, and take the lift up to the lobby. 

way to the carpark. 

From the basement carpark, you need to take the lift to go up the lobby upstairs. And that would mean, carrying all the luggage yourself. Once in the lobby, you will have an attendant to take your belongings to your rooms thou. 

The block with the family rooms, with the dining areas on the ground floor

We had been told during the booking time that the family rooms are on the lower floors (ours was on 2nd) , and thats the block we were assgined.  

Did read in some reviews on Trip Advisor that the rooms were not ready during the said check in time, 3 pm, and usually people had to wait till 4 . We reached the property late, by around 8:30 pm, so thankfully didn't have to wait . The room was waiting for us ! .....whink ;)

The two rooms, with simple white furnishings,  TV in both rooms.

The common toilet, and that was the only mirror the room had. No dressing table provided ! 

The second floor lobby

Inner common space of this block. 

The hotel would have stage performances daily free for the tenants , and being there on a Sunday, we could be in time for the 10 pm show, which would run for half and hour. 

I watched the show for a while, and then went on a stroll round the inner courtyard, and to get some night clicks of the place..trying out various settings of the camera. 

I am still an amateur, and my clicks are still mostly in auto mode..but just getting started with the various different settings. So, this gave me some time for trials. 

It has a very lovely ambiance especially at night. ..romantic too, giving some private time for honeymooners and couples. 

Well basically, if you don't feel safe any more in France or other European countries, to walk out at night, especially during these times..then this is definitely a place to consider.  

There was very less crowd , with few  people enjoying a free relaxed walk around the property even at late night. 

Walking back to the room, noticed these singers, walking to each table and singing for the customers, having a late drink or snack in the cafes. 

A lovely wrap up for a long day. About 9 hrs in flight (from Kuwait to Malaysia), the 2-3 hrs drive .... the flyboarding...we would just hit the beds in not time ! 


Day 2 

The kids would wake up we decided to have a walk around the property early morning, before the sun would be up burning. 

            A lovely location with beautiful hillsides... 

The neighbouring hotel - The Chateau

  Thats the main entrance to the property. 

                                                   more closer...                          

once inside..

Thats the hotel lobby, to the right in the image. As is said ..your car doesn't reach here. It will go only to the carpark in the basement. 

The French bakery. Reviews says food is expensive here, so didnt go to check it out. Your stay is inclusive of breakfast anyways.  

The outdoor section of the Dining Area. 

        some editing trials ;)

check out for the notice board on the front entrance for some interesting offer packages. 
wonder why these images  wouldn't rotate. Blogger playing games..i think 

The room rent is inclusive of TWO COMPLIMENTARY rides in their shuttle bus, to the nearby Japanese Village and the Botanical Gardens. The bus would ply from hotel front to the garden, drop you there, and return to pick you up after an hour. 

Thats where the shuttle buses would come, and we need to line up here. The buses would leave hourly, so be there atleast 10 mins before departure. 
So, decided to go for the Japanese Gardens, after breakfast , taking the 10:45 am shuttle. 

Thats the bus from Colmar

      And this belongs to The Chateau , both parkings are at the same location 

Thats the parking of the Japanese Garden where you will be dropped / picked. Up you need to climb, 80 steps there, or you can take the ramp road way to the side.  

This is the reason why i wouldnt recomment this place for  families with older people,and kids of the "pram-age". If with kids, better if they are small enough to be carried on your backs, or old enough to take the long walks and climbs. 
If travelling with older parents, say with walking issues, and are using wheel chairs, the hotel premise would be quite tough to move around, as its all stone paved. 

After the steps, you walk the remaining path further up, to reach the village.  

You are now above 3500 feet above sea level !!! 

more steps within the garden 


The Tea house where the Japanese Tea ceremony takes place. But while we went, it was closed as some tree had fallen atop and was undergoing renovation . 

Further into the garden is this lovely VIP Japanese Suite, which belongs to the Chateau. Its me !!!!

We were let to have a round of the interiors and it was our first feel of a true Japanese home !  Simple..eleagant..straight lines. 

Dining space 

Meant to be a teapot ?

Love the window seating

The master bedroom suite with a huge plain glass window and views of the highlands behind

The inner coutyard with the outdoor feel 

We walked the whole area in about 40 mins, so it was time to turn back to get the shuttle which would pick us back to the hotel. Other attractions are there enroute, like the Adventure cove, botnaical garden, rabbit farms, but we jsut decided to go back, as it was nearing the check out time. 

And coz of the hot humid weather, all that the boys wanted was a jump in the cool pool. 

I would go to the room to finish off with the packing while dH would take the kids to the water. 

Tony would come to pick us up by 12 noon, the check out time..and he indeed was on time. was good bye the France look-alike, but at a much cheaper rate, The Colmar off to Kuala Lumpur. we enjoyed our stay with you  !!! 

Good to know :

The reservation, can be done through (i usually call them up and ask which means they would suggest. Either through email/website/ or third party dearlers, and Ms. Mynn, the lady who would attent to my calls, suggested i go through bookings. com, and went that way. 

The room rents are very reasonable. For a two - bed family room, it was just about 31 KD , inclusive of a buffet breakfast which did have different menus. Traditional malay, continental, american. 

The hotel does have bus shuttle service from KL city, near Berjaya Square at a much cheaper rate. But its timings would be  - to return back to the city - like around 8am, 10, so. This was not about the check out time, we had to get our taxi to come and  pick us up, from KL. 

                          crap ! the image just wont rotate ! 

They do not have taxi services from Bukit Tinggi, you need to get it arranged from KL. The hotel authorities will get it arranged for you, but as we were 5 pax with luaage, they suggested we take an Innova, which would cost around 300 MR, one way. Tony would do this for MR 250, so decided to stick to our loyal guide,and his luxury MUV.  

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