Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Malay Travel - 05 - Putrajaya Flyboard

Living with a battalion of men.. ranging from age 39 to 6, feel i have lost my girly instincts somewhere down the lane. And ever since I happened to read about this Flyboarding centre in Putrajaya, it had by  default, taken a place in our itenary. 

A few changes had to be made to our plans, as they work only on weekends, unless we are in a large group. And my group, is just a major,  a partially major (11 yr old) and two mini's (age 7 and 6) . 

But they had it all... something suitable for every age group. 

Flyboard Malaysia , located near the Putrajaya Conventional Centre in the Marina,..this is halfway between KLIA and KL. So, for those who would like to have an adventurous side to your visit to Malaysia...see that you are around KL, or atleast arrive/depart from KL during weekend, so that you dont miss out on this experience.

Drive time from KLIA -about 30 - 40 mins. 

Time expected to spent here - about 1 -2 hours depending on your group and the rides  you would like to take . 

Our flight would arrive in KL International Airport by 1:30 noon, so we still had time to make it to Putrajaya before closing. But the greatest concern was our flight delay. The very first flight from Kuwait was delayed by about and hour and a half, but thankfully, we didnt miss out on our connection . So..we could anyways, make it on time. Was out of KL airport by around 3pm, and it was straight to the Flyboards. 

Our 10 day travel of Malay-Singapore began on a flying note !!..we could say. 

The contact is through facebook. Dropped them a message enquiring the details, and Mr. Aris, the CEO, would be good enough to answer all your queries. 

The briefing in progress

The flyboarding for adults is about 35 mins. 10 mins introductory briefing, followed by 20 mins practicals, in the water. 

            getting ready to plunge ...

Swim like a dolphin..and fly like ironman !!! or rather..try to.. and trust me..it was not that easy. 

UP !!

and UP !!


and DOWN !! 

Flyboarding for adults - MR370/ride. (about KD 25) . Not bad..for an experience. 

The younger ones could get a tandem ride, with one of the staff taking them along. 
There would be no stunts...just flight above the water level say at 2 mts height

Rate - MR 50/ride. (KD 2.5 only !! ...nice!!! )  

Our boy no.3 takes his turn 

off they go

 UP !!

and UP !! 

Waiting in line was our eldest. But being 11 yrs and on the plumper side, he was in a fix. He was too young for the flyboards, and too heavy for the tandem. But...not wanting to be left without any rides. he himself would go and speak to them if they would have something for him. 

And it was .....SAIL PADDLING. 

Rate MR 70 / hour..or half an hour..sorry,. i forgot ! 

Notice the sky ? The rains. And heavy...very heavy..it poured. 

I had no clue if i was doing the right thing..letting the boys out in such heavy rains...as such we had just arrived and had 10 more days of travel. Anyways...thankfully...no one got sick...and all was well ! 

Mr. Aris  and one of the staff too would join him . 

Terribly heavily..it rained.  

The younger ones would wait indoors while their      Big B did the paddling. 

And that us. with the team Putrajaya Flyboard. 

Address: Marina Putrajaya, No. 1, Jalan P5/5, Presint 5,Putrajaya 62200Malaysia
Phone Number: +60 12-287 1120

(And...just to share...in case your flight arrival time 

in KL is in the morning, and your hotel checkin is 

by noon...then..go..go straight to Putrajaya. As i 

said..its half way between KLIA and KL, and you 

can very well spent some time here. You have the 

Flyboards, and  the other end of the river has got 

the River Cruise.  

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya, which does give some good 

deals , with some packages inclusive of a buffet 

lunch at the nearby Conventional Centre. )

click on the names to go to their links. 

So....once again.....Thanks very much...Mr. Aris ! We did have a great time..and an amazing kick start to out travel. 
Bukit Tinggi....off we  went. In the next post ! 


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