Saturday, July 6, 2013

Few minutes of Panic, and a Testimony

“I’ll be back in  a minute”..tells the security personals at the entrance to my office and runs outside…

The main entrance to the Ministry of Public Works, Kuwait
“Sona ! say thanks to the Lord FIRST, and then ask for his favour… it will be granted. You have done that before, and it has worked. So, why not now ?”…my one half.
“But…what am I supposed to give thanks for? I have just had the horrific realization that my most valued gadget is not with me anymore and worst…you just don’t know where you lost it…the other half.
12:10 noon - My phone began to ring. “Alright, your time is up”….thats what it meant.
Our eldest son is leaving to India for a month to be with his grandparents, so had some shopping to do for him. (by the time this is posted, he would have already left). It was Saturday and mornings are the most convenient time for it. Things were planned the previous night - when I leave home for shopping, by when I need to wind up (I could go on and on and on)..when I will be picked up from there (which HE offers to do) and when I will be dropped at my work place…..(we have this over time work, so need to be in office for 2 hrs daily..and it can be anytime of the day, before 4 pm , that is) 
Finishing off all the morning chores… breakfast…..grinding the dosa batter for the next day….I take a taxi and by 10 am, reached Lulu Hyper market. (My husband works on Saturday’s too, so many a times, you need to do these things by yourself)  
(a borrowed image, from google)
“2 get just 2 hours to do the needful”…that was the deal. He can’t afford, and never like to…. spent too much time on his wife during working hours. A sneak peep out of the office during lunch break, well…that he can manage.
By around 12, I get the call…”I’ll be there in 10 minutes. BE THERE by the main exit ”. I was glad that me too was on time, just finished the billing and was ready to be picked up. Very rarely does that happen. And, I made sure that I kept my phone in hand, and not inside my handbag. By the time I walked up to the exit, his car had halted in front.
12:10 - My phone rang again… …which I cancelled after a few rings. We had seen each other. And, that was the last I saw of my phone too.
He drops me at my work place and rushes back to his official desk. Just 3 of us were there in our department at that time and after some chit chat, opens my bag , hands searching for the phone to put it on charge and that is when….oh oh oh….where is it ??  Pulls everything out of the bag, on my desk..under my chair…it just was not there !
Was it some where near the exit of the shopping mall ? Was it in the trolley ? Was it in the car ? Amongst the shopped items in the carry bag ? I just didn’t know…
You lose your mobile and do feel sad..but at the end of the day, you just lose the phone numbers of your friends. But ..that was till few years back.  When phones and computers were two separate entities. You need to call your friend, you use the phone. You need to check your mail, you use your computer. But now, these two have merged. Almost everything goes through your mobile many a times.
And my worst thoughts was what if it gets in the wrong hand. Not that I have any “bad” stuff in there..definitely email, my facebook account, blogs are OPEN. I never ever log out, and anyone could do anything with it..if they wanted to. That did worry me.  Seriously.
Picks the landphone and starts to dial 6.....and then what ???..God ! what in the world is my mobile number ? Mind gone blank. Plain blank.
Took a few seconds to get the relay back and yes, it was ringing.
Mixed emotions –
"I hope it is in safe hands and they return it back to me".
"I hope not that it reaches bad hands who manipulate my accounts".
Anyways, the number of times I tired kept ringing…not being answered. My mind was still struck at the Lulu mall entrance, or the trolley, and never did I thought of going back down stairs to the entrance to my office where my husband dropped me, until he asked me to do so. Rushed down, pass the security counter..”I’ll be back in a minute”…
Again, double thought on this strategical prayer to how to get things done.  But, didn’ t want to take chance..chants in my mind…
“Thank You God..thanks for all your blessings…you have blessed me more than what I deserve”… now…the main part..” Can I have my phone back....pleaasee... all my accounts are open in there…. :( ”.
And then..nearing the end of the steps to the paved road.... you spot something  incolour,rectanglular in shape.... lying face down. Is that it ?

Yes..yes..yes…that was my phone !!! Right there, in the middle of the road....cover open, screen down.

Picks it up, turns around..the screen is blank. Swipes and to the greatest relief was fine..perfectly fine. Not even a scratch. It had fallen off my hand, or from my lap..(i am not sure)... while getting down from the car. One car pass by and it could have been crushed.

(a borrowed image)
Anyways, from that views on phone have changed. Can’t be taking these things lightly. You have less chances to lose your laptop, but more lose your mobile. And they are “SMART” these days….so, have to be more cautious. To be on the safer side, log out of your accounts, after you are done. 
This is also my second in line (well...a testimony) experience that any prayer said after a thanksgiving from heart, will never go unheard. It works…for sure.  (the first ?..some time later.. J )