Friday, March 7, 2014

From Flat - to - Fitted Sheets.

Mothers, esp with small kids will be so able to relate to this...the number of times we need to do the bed. The sheets just wouldn't stay in place...coz, the kids are all over it....under it...above it....
Fitted sheets work best, in such cases, but again...many a times, we have to give up on those lovely bed-speads  jsut coz, they are flat, and not fitted.
 Sharing here a simple tip that works just great for me, to convert flat sheets to fitted.

Take the four corners of the bed -spread
 tie knots at the corners as shown above.

Lay the bed-sheet and pull down the corners below the mattress.
Adjust the position of the knots so that the sheet stays perfectly fitted to the mattress.
Hope it helps.