Monday, November 25, 2013

So far..yet too dear.

What Hurt The Most

What hurt the most...
Was loving you so much,
But that not being enough.
What hurt the most...
Was watching you walk away,
And knowing my chance was ruined.
What hurt the most...
Was having you so close,
But not close enough.
What hurts the most...
Is watching you kiss and talk about another girl.
What hurts the most...
Is knowing I can never have you, but
What hurts more than anything else...
Is knowing that I had you.
a borrowed poem, written by Amy Nelligan
Reached office today to see one of our collegue weeping badly at her desk. She wore no make up,  wore an Abhaya and looked pale, unlike othes days, when she would be in yellow, or other bright colours.
I kindof guessed what the reason could be...but definitely was not courageous enough to ask her thou. Her husband, was terribly sick, of cancer ..and was at death bed...and the very first day, i remember, she got a call from the hospital letting her know about it..she was broken.

But, what touched me more..was they were divorced long time back...was not in touch...according to her, she was always mis-treated, abused ..yet..yet...
He was her kids Father, and the hidden love, still lingered.
Touched ! Really touched !
May God bless the departed soul.