Monday, June 24, 2013

Two things to be really greatful to...

One of my co-blogger friend did come my last post on "quick picks" end up way too abruptly . It's just a few lines and two pictures...that's it...unlike, most of my other posts which can go on and on.

Well..just having some not so good times, these days. Physically that is. My back is definitely not being good to me off late. 

 I just got back to work after a three year break as a Stay-at-Home-Mom...and....those were days when at times, you are too busy that the times that you just sit down for a while are when you are having your food/feeding them younger ones...and ofcourse, when you go the toilet ! ;)

But on this sedentary position, in front of the PC..from morning till know..i stil have to get used to it. I am definitely not the person to sit steady at a place and find myself walking up and down quite often for something or the other. Anyways, glad that am in this really busy department. We do have work, infact as others say...this is the only department in this entire Ministry which has such work load.

Lap-tops ...
And to make it worse, i just blotted..bhoom..just put on those extra fat out of just about 2 weeks time!!!! And...with this extra hours we need to work each day coz of additional work load..reach back in the evening, have your late lunch by around 4:30 pm and is definitely not in a mood to work out. I used to frequent this gym while I was not working..not daily..but, say..on alternate days or so...and it was nice..we had a great philipina instructor, Jane...and the free-style dance sessions after the aerobics.. It's a ladies only gym, so you are just free to be doing anything out there...and the best was the sauna . I used to go in the mid-mornings after my elder ones had left for, its definitely not the rush hour, and the entire steambath and sauna are for most of the time, to yourself.  Aaah..I miss you..BODY STYLE ! :(
bend it like pussy ! it of the more sitting position at work, or the "unscientific" positioning of the car seat while am driving (that's according to the MAN).....i am with this bad back ache, come evenings.
And.....the two things that i just can't do without.....

the definitely knows how to work wonders .

The hot water it below your spine and....lie flat atop...ooh ! it feels just great, after a tiring day.
yeah..true !!!



  1. Sona, take rest. you will fall into the routine slowly.

  2. Ohh.. Irritating & tiresome the backaches makes us :( Recover soon dear.. I guess gym would be the best answer to ur current situ..

  3. Oh...feels like me... I really can understand having 2 sit 4 approx 12 hours straight with only the visits 2 the toilet n take some papers 4 other colleagues...n yes, weight gain comes 4 free!!! :T TC dear...

  4. take care Sona btw nice post,i enjoyed reading it.

  5. Hey try Acupuncture, I have heard so many of them telling it really helps in long run and it is relaxing too. Or You can go for a week long Physiotherapy session, this really helps for at least 6 months, it is working for me. Back pain, neck pain is a given when we have to shove our face into computer every morning till late evening - so no escape there.
    The sign board on woman, just cracked me up, HaHa!
    For my neck pain, I have tried hot bags, very relaxing and I apply a pain reliever gel called "Oxalgin" that helps too. TC

  6. ohh wow !! thanks so much for the concern..but, I am's just that you know, the "pain effect" gene in me works in a way too exxagerated manner. Have a spec of pain, but to me it feels as if I am done !!!!..and Paviths..thanks soo much honey !! for ur suggestions. A night's rest and am ok for the next day..kind of...

  7. Hey Sona.. Try Volini for back pain.. It works wonders with me.. Take care of your health and get some rest dear.. Hugsxx

  8. Hi Sona, great posting but please take care and don't over work.

    Back pain can be very tricky and sometimes hard to detect what causes it.If it's not due to health issue check your pillow. It is very important, make sure get a good pillow to support your head and neck or else it'll effect from head to spine. Turn and rotate your mattress very 3 months too.

    If you can get raw honey or manuka honey, take this in the morning before breakfast. It's very good for our health.

    Have a lovely day ahead. Hugs!

  9. just try to sit straight dear back pain is really a big stuff if u feel much, consult your doctor to get to know the reason don,t bend much take medicine on time i think medicine is more effective rather then spray or hot bottle. Keep watch on your weight because weight is also a big reason of back pain. I am sure you are great cook anyways take rest if u feel look out my blog thanks

  10. Hi Sona try some hot pack massages for your back pain :)

  11. Ya I know how thise sedentary worklife can take a toll on our backs. Even I work in an IT dept and same 8-5 sit in one place. But then i recently started going to gym, 30min everyday if poss, or atleast 2 days in thge week and it made soooooo much diff. I feel energetic and happy. Even helped with my back issues. But for now, you should just take it easy,lie down straight and maintain a good posture...

    Btw, those pics u put are just hilarious, where do u find them from?...Bend it like pussy!! LOL LOL!!! Take care Sona.