Thursday, April 18, 2013 the characters.....

Welcome to my new space.
"pick quicks"
finally decided to get started off with a separate blog apart from QUICK PICKS just to be jotting down my random thoughts...musings....craziness....

to get started..let me introduce the characters who will be very often frequenting in this space.

 Our Mario boys, saying .."salaam!!! all the readers of this space !
Named Shayne Mario Santhosh, Sergie Mario Santhosh and Stefan Mario Santhosh in order of planet -landing ;)...their names reduces to SMS1, SMS 2 and SMS No.3.

SMS 1..who believes is a combo-avatar of Spiderman, Superman and Batman..all in one package.

 SMS No.2 - the baagavathar. (well...the instrument "was" a piano...luks likes one..just that its hollow where the all the black keys are supposed to be)

and...Mario Boy No.3 - the tiny weenie of the lot..the most cheerful of the to admit, i am addicted to him. In his self-invented means of transport.

 ..the MAN...the Sdad...
..and with your's truly....the SMommie....


WELCOME ..... to my WORLD !!!


  1. VEry cute family, nice clicks and drawing was perfect. Nice to know about your family. Keep going...

  2. You have a lovely family!!! Touch wood...
    Loved all the pics esp. the last one...

  3. That was a lovely start. Keep going Sona. Would love to hear more about the three little men :)

  4. Nice innovation Sonia... Very sweet family... Looking forward to more :-)

  5. Good intro post.. Now that we know the characters, eni stories poratte :)

  6. Thanks all for the comments and hearty welcome to my new space.

  7. Am innnnnn.....lovely blog and wonderful space....the most lovely pic is the end cartoon...god bless your family....

  8. Hi Sonia, it was a lovely read. Loved your boys and your balcony with a lovely backdrop.

  9. Sweetest family!! Love the idea of calling them SMS 1, 2,3 - funny and lovely at the same time.
    The drawing is awesome too, depicts the cute little family. Loved reading about your family!!

  10. Going to be visiting your space more often! What cuties, you have!

  11. Lovely post and wonderful kids... Cant close the window.. my cursor moves to next post... Adi Poli...

  12. Seeing this for first time...beautifully introduced. I think I have read every single post of yours today Sona... :-) Keep it up, will be back here often.