Tuesday, April 30, 2013

how sweet is that ?

"think sweet little thoughts"
 a way too sweet a caption for a no calorie sweetner

one of my favourite product captions so far
and, My Good Morning chai ! :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the magic phrase

When you're feelin' sad and low
We will take you where you gotta go
Smiling dancing everything is free
All you need is positivity !!!


one of those days when you are feeling just right crap..

.....and worn out....

 and frustrated...and all thats to be blame, get dumped on to the hormones.
 (what the hell did i do ?? - the estrogen skeerks).
" well..you are not functioning the way you are supposed to be"

and just like a chemical equation gone terribly wrong -
all these crap feelings adds up together with the tiredness catalyst triggering the fury ...it all ends up in one singer word - ANGER...and you feel even worse, coz you know, you are angry for nothing...at them who are absolutely innocent...what so ever.
You know..its the hormones again!

And it was one of those days exactly as above, and there was my dearest Mr. Little extension ..yeah, he is an extension to me literally...always preferring to be clinging on...always beckoning to be carried...rolling over either over your head, under your legs.....smiling his cutest little smile with raised hands..saying .."edukku eduku"..(take me up)
..and...to my greatest ever surprise, as if from nowhere....says....


Of course, he has heard it being mentioned during our regular church service every sunday, but never before has he recited it.

was it of the magic spell of the words...or of the affection in his looks....i dont know...

it was just RAINING hearts


..and...you are all ..well.....the above image says it all !!!
Colors of the world
Spice up your life
Every boy and every girl
Spice up your life
People of the world
Spice up your life
and may

(PS : none of the above images belong to me. they have been "borrowed" from google search ;) )


Saturday, April 20, 2013

my world..here...and across the seas...

Having a walk round one of our marine work sites...and looking back towards the mainland, took this picture....and thought..

"wow! it would be great if we were living some where there"

 Never in my wildest dream did i know that within a few months...we would move over here. A lovely suburb, close to the sea - Mahboula, here in Kuwait. Thats where we are, for the last 6 years... right behind those cream coloured twin hi-rise buildings.

                    our home.. my flowers....the clear blue sky....and the sea beyond...

just tiny saplings barely half a feet tall while they first came home...now they are full-grown up trees, standing tall, touching the ceiling.

..and...moving across the seas....ocean really....my homeland....
 namma metro - The mighty Kochi @ Kerala.

 Staying just right next to the National Highway...this is what i can relate to more than anything. "My" vyttila junction - the traffic...the private busues racing to overtake each other..literally moving on its sides with the people hanging from the doors and windows....

 the most common sites...peole moving forward and forward almost to the centre of the highway beckoning the oncoming vehicles for  a lift back home

and the scores running towards the buses while the conductor would have already blown the whislte for the buses to leave even before the people have loaded in.

not...not at all...to forget...the reputed autorikshaws lining the side roads.

This was something that i would be really looking out for. The signal to turn red, and one run across the road. All those years....yest years that i have literally spent a good part of my life walking up and down the side roads along the highway..to school...back from school..to work...back from work.

...and then..this city girl moves home (gets married) to the country side...where its just green green and green all around.

 It was an entirely different world and i loved it....still does.

 (view from the balcony)

(Shayne, as if in a wonderland - clicked about 4 yrs back)

(way leading to my in-laws place during heavy rains. The kids just shout in excitement seeing the water splashing on either sides of the car passing through this waterways.)

...going back home for vacation, its our kids who gets to embrace these two distinct worlds...one which is full of trees and rubber all around - their "Pala veedu"...and the other, where its all buses and cars and bikes all that is seen peeing out of the window - their "Kochi veedu".

Thursday, April 18, 2013

....meet the characters.....

Welcome to my new space.
"pick quicks"
finally decided to get started off with a separate blog apart from QUICK PICKS just to be jotting down my random thoughts...musings....craziness....

to get started..let me introduce the characters who will be very often frequenting in this space.

 Our Mario boys, saying .."salaam!!!..to all the readers of this space !
Named Shayne Mario Santhosh, Sergie Mario Santhosh and Stefan Mario Santhosh in order of planet -landing ;)...their names reduces to SMS1, SMS 2 and SMS No.3.

SMS 1..who believes is a combo-avatar of Spiderman, Superman and Batman..all in one package.

 SMS No.2 - the baagavathar. (well...the instrument "was" a piano...luks likes one..just that its hollow where the all the black keys are supposed to be)

and...Mario Boy No.3 - the tiny weenie of the lot..the most cheerful of the lot....got to admit, i am addicted to him. In his self-invented means of transport.

 ..the MAN...the Sdad...
..and with your's truly....the SMommie....


WELCOME ..... to my WORLD !!!