Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Very pleasantly happie-me

(disclaimer - the posts in here under the label head "musings" are not specifically directed to any reader review or comments. It's just that when I feel like writing down something, i just turn up here..on this blogpage of mine, and jot it down. Just dont want to miss out on those which I would like to cherish ... Terribly bad memeory loss, got to admit, so i need to keep things somewhere, for a refresh the long run)

Well.its the same scenario repeating. Bad tough day..... hectic at work..physically tired..mentally low ..... turned bright just out of nowhere.

Chain (bigg one), bracelet, earing, keychain, purse and a certified Papyrus painting !!!!  ....all from someone whom I mean absoltely nothing more than an other new staff for whom she clears the HR formalities.
Between two people who could never communicate in spoken language, I could make out neither a single word that she spoke in very rapid conventional Egyptian Arabic, nor did she speak a word of English either.

She is the senior most in the Personal (HR) Department here, and me being a very new staff, had to meet with her quite a number of times to get my formalities done. I had an other collegue come with me as the translator..but...think our faces always knew the language..not the spoken words..but just a smile, and a "Hello, How are you" in english from myself and she greets in her own rapidly spoken words. Give and take.
I met her at the passage to my desk, she was walking in..i was walking out. We just shared a Hai and a smile, and I was about to walk off too tied up with some urgent works, when she becons me to my desk and silently hands over this kit. I couldn't follow what she spoke...but believe, it was in lines of.."I brought these for you, from Egypt ". (the word Egypt. That, i understood).
Felt touched...really touched... you really made my day, Ma'am !!!
Thanks a bunch know how to sent angels down in plain clothes, when we definitely need a boost.
The previous posts in the very similar sequence - this , a comment from a co-blogger friend of mine, and this again..a simple phrase, by my little one who was just 3 yr old then.
A much better day today...


  1. Hi Sona, I do agree with you that sometimes little little things can really brighten up our days. No word is needed as sincere thoughts come deep from a person's heart and the receiving end can feel the sincerity it conveys. Have a wonderful day, Sona and take care :)

  2. this time i am not the first one to comment!!! :) but whatever said and done, it was just her way to tell u that she finds u nice!!! :) keep them treasured dear... they just remind u of how u can influence other people without even knowing it yourself... and with the way u r from what I get, u seem to be a person who spreads a lot of cheerfulness, whatever the situation maybe... it's a God given ability, cherish it and use it so that it grows!!! :) hope to see many many more lovely posts from u...

  3. Rafeeda - hugs, sweetheart... thanks a bunch for those lovely words.

  4. and you too as are the one of the very latest in my virtual friends list, but now...u are here, first in line !!! have a great day...

  5. Hi Sona, how you doing? A little smile, a little gift, a hugs can really cheer someone up. It's not the value of the gift that count, it's the thoughts that count.

    I'm sure glad to meet you. Imagine if we get the chance to meet face to face.... with our 'bubbling' 'and big mouth' pattern....hahaha......
    See my smile my friend
    We are with you holding hands
    You have got to believe
    You are my destiny
    We've meant to be your friends
    That's what a friend should be

    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Hi Sona, I totally understand how some people reach out into our lives with no expectations and brightens our day. What a nice colleague and I'm glad it brought a smile on your face.

  7. Wow.. I can very well understand that it would have definitely brightened your day!..
    Glad that at the new workplace you will feel much relaxed with such great colleagues!.. Though small things they definitely mean a lot!.. n value much more than anything else.. They are priceless.. :)

  8. this sounds really lovely, it gives me fuzzy warmthreading this- see there are good people in this world and YOU are one of them :-)

  9. Wow very nice Sona, you are absolutely right, small things really make a huge difference, one hug goes a long way and solve many issues. Happy your new workplace is nice and lovely people around you.

  10. Amelia - yes !!! I can just very well imagine, we will have a hell of a time...2 giggly woman..chatting n laughing all the way to glory. Don't think we will ever meet in real-life...but virtually...I can really see both of us as great friends..2 real good friends. And really happy for that !! Those lines...thanks a bigg bunch, for that. Have a great day ahead..and a nice weekend. Tc, God bless !

  11. @Manju..true indeed..but thing is I cant say she is my collegue. She is way too senior to me...and her office is in the ground floor, me on second....dealing with too many new recruits daily, and I am just one amongst them.

  12. Sangeetha - yes, of course, it did..,brighten the day...a very tiring "low" day . Theres gud and not soo gud everywhere around, but at the end of the day, its how we take it. Have a geat day and weekend ahead..dear.

  13. Jehanne - !!! thanks soo much Doc ! but down want to fall for praises. my point fair to others..and they will be "good" to you...for sure. Fuzzy warmth... ! :)

  14. Priya - agree..even small things can make a huge difference..its just that we need to be able to see them. Most of the time, our eyes luk out only for those big things in life that we ignore/walk past/ and don't realize how much even the smallest of things could make our lifes better. have a great day dear!