Sunday, September 22, 2013

What goes around..comes around !

Spread a smile. You never day, it will come back to you, to make you smile..when you are feeling low.
KARMA !!, I believe in you...

After taking around 20 mins "+1"(hour, to be specific) than the normal 20 mins drive to reach my office from home..the new driver in me had a hell of a time, and few other nick sick kid back housemaid...he locking himself at home while the maid goes downstairs to drop our 3rd son to the not being answered.... just got to my desk feeling crap and telling myself..."wow!! indeed a classic start a new work week !"
"....I had read somewhere that it is a bit of a task to make someone laugh or atleast smile. You do that everytime through your post with such an ease. Always look forward for your funny aspects to everyday things. Good job girl!!!"
That was a portion from a comment that I received on one of my posts on Quick Picks and it was dated few days back, but, was it just coincidence that this was the first thing that caught my eye, when I opened up my inbox ? I had missed this comment,and saw it only now.
Shibi....thanks very very much for that. You have no clue, just made my day ! Am happy that I could bring in a smile to your face and today, you have just paid me back with interest, when I was definitely lacking those. Thanks a bunch, sweetheart !
Today is way past June 15th, but yet...please make yourself at ease...push off all that disturbances for a while to the backburner....feel free to take one of those...
 It is, for FREE...and the offer never expires !

Thanks Lord ! If , in the above scenario..You make me consider myself blessed, to be an artist and not date. Amen.
And, I am no joker...I am just blessed. I'll keep it that way.

 Think we definitely need some stickeys like this around. Very inspirational.

Too many things about smiles and, as a closing note...i'll keep that frowny lad for now to say..catch you later.
Have a great day ahead !!



  1. sona... seriously, u always make all of us smile... it's a big blessing God has given you, keep utilizing it for good things and spread the cheer around... regarding the driving, i go thru this every single working day, for the past 7 years now... it's a torture, but if you want to work, have to take it! hope you get used to it...

  2. thanks very much, Rafeeds...i knew, you would be the first to comment :)

  3. Sone happpyness is obe thing because of which i read abd cimment on all your posts... Yes u do bring smile with your posts.. And smile is becoming so expensive and rare these days so u r doing a realy good job.. :)
    Keep in touch,

  4. Hey Sona, once again a very emotional post written very wittily . Just love the knack you have to put all the things together in a very quirky way....... they make us laugh and cry and think at the same time. Love you dear....

  5. Speechless....humbled...feeling soo good after reading the posta ...was having a headache this morning. God bless you dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. lovely lovely post dear, you always make me smile and beautiful write up.....

  7. lovely "smiling" post..truly said "smile costs nothing but creates much"and putting a smile on others face means a lot...which you are doing :)

  8. Hey doll, you asked me for the link of the thumb prediction post.. here is it..
    If you want their delhi or south india address let me know, I'll maile you..

  9. Pooja - thanks a bunch sweetie...have replied at ur space...need some details...

  10. Thanks very much, Priya..alwasy happy to have you around.

  11. Shibi - :) hugs to you, dear friend. Hope you doing well now.

  12. Hey sona Thanks from dropping by my space! Its always lovely to interact with a cheerful person like u :) Im following this blog of urs now :) Its just the point that im dragging myself to blog and interact with other bloggers much! hope im back to my cheerful cheeky cheeky mood back :D Shall stay in touch Love ya!!

  13. Hi Sona,

    I believe in Karma too!!! I'm quite upset with some cyber thugs recently and nice to to hear from you at my blog and also to read all your cheerful thoughts :D

    I'm actually your follower of another blog, as cooking and baking is mainly my interest. Hope that this arrangement is ok for you :D


  14. Hi My dear Sona, great posting. I do believe in karma too. It's very true 'what goes around... come around.

    A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear. I'm so glad we meet and always enjoyed your lively sense of humour. Hi-5

    Have lovely weekend. *hugs*

  15. :) :) I'm already a follower here as well, I wouldnt want to miss your lovely posts :)