Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Simple-Do Yourself-Kids Room-Concepts

Well..let me take a forehand bail before I go into this post.
"Your kids spot you doing these in their room - the hand drawings...and that in turn is a guarentee for them to start attacking the walls themselves with colour pencils and paints. So, if having small kids at home, do this when they are asleep, or get your husband to take them out to the playground before you get yourself busy to surprise them with a room makeover. Ideal as a birthday gift".
Am sharing two simple kids-room make over designs here.

The room door.
I did this as a birthday surprise for our eldest son on turning 3...(5 years back, that is).
Printed those letter templates from the HP Activity Room site. A very nice space woth spending some time looking around with lots of free and paid templates. The tag "BABY" had holes punched on it and satin ribbon passed through to hang it onto the sticker hooks.

Went for a simple concept easily digestable for a 3 year old.
Animals, Todd house, baloons...

Brought these animal stickers from the 100 fills shop.
The baloons were cliparts which i printed directly onto plain sticker paper . Cut and glued onto the walls.
The grass, flowers, trees and clouds were drawn using oil pastels.
 (and this is why, I warned you right at start..not to be doing this in front of kids. Coz, once they spot you, then there is no turning back. They too will start attacking all the walls with crayons, pencils, pastels, lipstick, eyeliners....coz,if  their mom can draw on the walls...then why in the world are they being held back ??? You wont have an answer to that. )
As a base border to the paintings, stuck a floral pattered sticker sheet roll all along, which matched the curtain colour. I also drew the flowers (amongst the animals) similar to the ones on the sticker sheet.

A corner of the room was set as the "Toy Corner". So, printed some smiley clip art faces onto sticker sheets, cut and glued it around that area.

The floral sticker border continues to the other wall too as well. With him being in playschool at that time and just into the basics of ABCD, 123.....decided to have the numeral series in a train concept. I do most of the art layouts in MS Powerpoint. In the insert clipart option, inserted a train boggie image and typed the numbers 1, 2, 3 on each.

Two boggies together, were sized to A3, and printed on plain A3 paper.
The boggie images were then cut to shaped and stuck together one after the other on the walls with fevicol.
The smoke from the train was again with back and grey oil pastel.

For the family touch, there were 3 pictures .. one of him while he was a baby and one each of us with him.

And, to have a unity in the overall layout, did the border of the pictures in the same pattern as the room curtains.

1. Take a picture of the curtain.
2. Scan it in jpg format.
3. Open a plain slide in MS Powerpoint, insert the jpg of the curtain to fill the page as background.
4.Now insert the picture of your choice to a smaller size, so that the previosuly inserted image of the curtain stays as a border for the photograph.

 Thats him...the busy chef, in his playpen.
Well..does it sound funny, if I say that I am obsessed with my own possessions?
Did I confuse you ?...
It's just that, he is my first of the lot...and I was really obsessed with him..and used to keep saying..."my! he is soo cute!..he is soo cute...i hope he stays the same" . :)

Nothing makes them more proud that an open display of their artwork.
2 yrs past..time for next redo.
With the total "little men army" count to three..there was definitely no other option than to have the colour Blue for the walls.

A space theme...with the astronaut landed on the moon. (The surface of the moon gets hand drawn using oil pastels)

...and..the rocket is carrying all his paintings and artworks all the way upto the moon.

Space themed fluorescent stickers for the  sky effect...at night.

The rocket heading to the moon.

Clay dough stuff.

Used satin ribbon and plastic dress clips to hang the displays .
 Thought this was more handy rather than sticking/nailing all the drawings onto the walls and also, easier to replace the old with the new.  


  1. Lovely cute little idear Sona, very neatly and nicely decorated... thanks for sharing...

  2. Ur boy is so cute , he looks like a very playful and funloving child.. U did the room so well.. Love the toy corner..,
    Doing all this in childrens absence is the right thing i am sure, my little cousins love to write on walls..

  3. beautiful ideas sona... thanks for sharing... :)

  4. Love ur boys.....and great ideas really admire u dear....nice decorations. Thanx for the info :) nice post dear....

  5. Very cute ideas. Lovely boys there...enjoying themselves to the fullest. Thanks for dropping my blog.

  6. wow!! These are really cute.we have already completed our baby's nursery,but I feel like changing it...

  7. Very useful post n touching n even I planned to decorate my kids room when we moved to new flat..but they both attached to my hus very much and not interested to stay alone..but vth this post I got some extra thoughts n sure will apply those..n d boy Luks very happy..

  8. Wow, entamme, U r my Wonder woman.. Talented u r dear.. Love the way u make ur personal touch in everything :)

  9. Hi Sona, excellent ideas. Look so cute and beautiful. You are very innovative and creative.

    Best regards.