Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mrs. Chankaran..back to Coconut Tree

 (to those Non-keralite readers, the heading of this post might sound weird. It's just a word to word translation of a saying that we have in our native language - Chankaran veendum Thenghumael...which means, something like...."Back to the Grind")
This was a picture that i had posted to my friends on my fb page some time back ..start of june, that is..start of summer vacation here...on how my kitchen was a factory each day come 6:00 am during work/school days. With all 5 of us on a "get up and get out" mode...i really need lots of these ready superfast, and so much for the wake up alarms, the snooze reminders from the mobile, the continuous "Get-up! get-up!" from Him... I HATE TO WAKE UP EARLY :( :(

...and..was I not super glad that for the next three months, I was free !!! of all the huzzle, of all the buzzle...the rush, the push, the pull....yeaaaah!..it was summer hols. The best part was that the traffic would be less on the roads... and even best part....it was the Ramadhan season last month, so working times too would be less, which means...I could wake up even late.

 And now.. :( :( am done...3 months gone..just like that !!!
The schools reopen next week, and I am ....well...

The last 3 months was also the transition stage for me from "being driven to work"....to...."driving to work". With the new (crazy!!!) rules here, shared /paid drives other than the expensive regular taxi's are all illegal. It's instant deport !!! (crap!) So, now, I can no longer go to work with my collegue who sits just a few desk away from me, and stay just a 3 minutes drive from my home. We both now have to drive in separate cars from almost the same start point, to the same destination. When most countries are encouraging shared drives to reduce traffic on the roads, here....very surprisingly, it is punishable by the law. Can you believe that ! All in context to reduce 1 million expats in 1year. Gross.
So, for 1 month I literally had no transportation to ply to work and He had no choice, but to pick/drop me back/from work during His work timings and was definitely not comfortable doing that .(the workaholic in him). June - I drove to office in my husband's car with him by the side, to get used to the thingy...July, brough myself a car, and drove on alone, which was the best time to get started; as I said, it was Ramadhan and there was very less traffic. 
Except for two flat tyres after completing 1 successful week of self-driving epoisides (will write about that later ;) ) by August, think I am doing well.
I am now "not" dropping the car-keys straight into my handbag after pulling it out off the ignition and walking off without bothering to lock the car !  ...good going, girlie !!!..a self pat on my back.

Arab country...writing goes strictly from Right to Left !!!...no questions plz, even if your names reads....ANOS ROTCIV( Russian ??!!!) HPESOJ !

Anyways, the heat is already on..people are back from vacation, the traffic is steadily increasing and in for a sudden burst, come next week. God..i am definitely getting conscious of the rush hour traffic. I still need to get used to driving with cars all around. The best possible option..(advice that I receive) is to sart off early to work, before the rush hour..which means, moving backward, I finish the morning chores early (breakfast , 4-5 tiffins in total, to school/office)...and that means, I have no other choice but to wake up even more early !!! OOH NOOO !!!

Mrs. Chankaran..going back to..Coconut Tree :/



  1. HA HA HA.. Sona .. This write up was awesome!.. Loved that Russian name part a lot! :) So all the best for the venture.. 'Chankaran veendum Thenghumael'

  2. Hi Sona, LOL....LOL.. excellent posting. Always enjoyed read your humour too. I like your Russian name. :))

    Well, we working mother is like a life time 24 hours maid. I can imagine your rushing like mad hours in the morning with 3 kids. Your kitchen sure look like production line. :)

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. This post made me laugh Sona!!! Loved your humor touch to the writings. I always tell my kids and hubby that I am a 'unpaid Maid' :).

  4. All u told is the truth with fun :D :D Can imagine ur rush with 3 Kids....Same z d case of every mothers....I feel the same with a kid...Love ur post :D

  5. :D gosh the rules r same here, no sharing csrs. While in traffic, u can c just 1 person in each car or a hubby- wife pair, dat's it! I'm 1 among the 1 man army who drives 2 work. As of now, I've only 1 going 2 school n hubby is on his own, so morning struggle is manageable now, however next yr I'm looking forward vit trepidation... good luck lady...

  6. Very funny post Sona, so true dear and the mornings are always a rush... all the best dear...

  7. Ahh, I can imagine dat.. I too hate waking up early Sona.. And that was a lovely post, enjoyed reading it :D

  8. oh mine...what a open heart writing...ha ha ha...had fun reading...