Sunday, August 18, 2013

Some Best out of Waste remedy

Some best out of waste projects using shoe boxes, milk powder tins, paper cartons.

Wrapped them in sticker sheet (i have used plain back) and give a border with a smaller sized sticker roll.

Strawberry packs..dont throw it off....

use as mini sorters in the refrigerator.

Mini-kubos packs..

In goes perfectly fitting into a tissue paper box cut open on top and again,wrapped using a sticker sheet.

See these mini sorters withn lea-bag pouches...they make perfect sorter trays especially to hold small stuff like safety pins, paper pins....

Have babies at home, and you defintiely need to be boiling their feeding bottles. So, why not two birds in one hit ? While having to steam vegetables, drop in the bottles into the water as well... ;) Both done at the same time, lot of  energy saving too !


  1. nice ideas,good storage boxes,will give a try.i use them to keep the washing sponges...

  2. I find that we have so many likes in common.I do all the above expect boiling veggies and bottles as my baby is 12 :)).Those strawberry containers are so useful in sorting stuff esp misc item that are 3/4 used. only issue is some have holes underneath so they don't catch spills.
    I have reached a point where my herd asks me "idu venoo" before trashing anything:))(paper, patta, kuppi mudalaya sadhangal :)))

  3. Good one Sona, I also do a lot of them like this... thanks for sharing...

  4. I so much second to Meena....these days my husband asks me if I need it for something before throwing it away...Even if I say no he gives me ideas....:P

    So Bharananghanam alle? Nice to know that....That means we are somewhat neighbours...I am from kottaramattom..:D

  5. Hi Sona, excellent. You're very creative and innovative. Thanks for the brilliant ideas. You're right...why not handmade, make use of boxes and containers instead of waste money to buy basket or plastic container.

    This way we can have new 'containers' and change design as and when we like. :)

    Have a wonderful day, my dear friend.

  6. thank you Rafeeda, Meena, Shweta, Remya, Ruxana, Sangeetha and Priya. :)

  7. Meena - haa haa..paper, paata..kuppie perakkan undo ?? undae !!!!..well, I was called "aakri-aamayi" during my initial days of marriage. Rubber trees indae kaaya polum perakki kutti veykumaayirunnu..incase, it might come in handy some day.

  8. Anupa - aah..... small world !! :) :)glad to hear that, even though I am not much sure of the places around there. my place is Kochi. :)

  9. Amelia - u know what ? it so seems that my no post is complete without y in here, with ur feedbacks !!! :) and love the way you sign off each time with a good bye n regards. Really appreciate that :) You too have a great weekend ahead.

  10. This post is good. Thanks for sharing this.
    Have a beautiful weekend ahead :)