Monday, April 11, 2016

Malay Part 3 - 5Twenty @ Ampang Hilir, and the best Hokkien noodles in KL

So, that the food (part 1) and  packing (part 2) is done…now to the best place i would recommend especially if as a family, to stay in Kuala Lumpur. 

5Twenty @ Ampang Hilir, KL 
Being a family of 5, our search for accommodation has its limitations. Either we need a family room/apartment , or single rooms which would accommodate all  kids for free.  The planning started with a search for such stay in KL, as the initial plans was to go straight to the city, from the airport. Few were shortlisted, but this particular property was on top. 

Inner view of the premises from the pool area

The first email enquiry also was to 5Twenty@Ampang Hilir, (click on the name to go to their page on a simple, neat townhouse premise located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, but to the secure, silent side. I say it secure...cos its where all the embassies and other diplomatic offices were located. 

Ms. Esther Hew, the landlady of 5Twenty, had been extremely coordinate enough to reply promptly to all the queries.There would be lots of email correspondence between us ….enquiries  for restaurants, airport pickup, taxi hire.... all of which were answered promptly. 

8.8 score on is definitely not a dad deal ! 

Just 2 kilometers from the KLCC part, and Petronas, I would recommend this to be the safest to stay in and around KL. Why I would say so, is that we had absolutely no reason for a concern to leave the kids behind in the rooms for the evening..while we went  out for a walk of Chinatown. The kids were tired too, nevertheless, of the lots of walking..and they didn’t mind staying indoors away from the humidity.

They would arrange a taxi for us (14 MR till Chinatown, as it was peak traffic time by 7 pm) … and an interesting tip shared to us, by Tony...out travel guide also recommended by Ms. Esther. 

“If you are staying in Ampang Hilir, and some taxi driver would get bargaining to drive you till there at night..just say you are the Ambassador of Kuwait….or whatever be your country !!! ..and he will straight away get you to your spot without any additional rate. , as all Embassies are in this region ! 

(that was a “to-be-kept” tip..but thankfully..we didn’t have to use it . ) We had taken the metered taxi, so there is no bargaining involved.  

Breakfast was additional at 15 MR/person.  The menu is simple. You could either chose from continental ,  american or traditional nasi lemak, but if in group. Fresh fruits, with juice , coffee or tea by the side.  We asked the food to be served in the lobby by the swimming pool and and it all set well in time as requested. 

The lobby on the first floor. 

                                   The simple lobby on the first floor.

 We had booked our Accommodation in a Family room , which was on the second floor. Its two bedrooms with the toilet and wash area connecting both together.   ( 01 King size bed in one, and 02 deluxe single beds in the other )
The two doors of the family rooms on the second floor. 
Rate : RM350.00 /night . 

 There is not TV inside the bedroom, but its outside on the lobby right next to the door. An iron stand is also available. 

Also, there is no lift, by the if you are with parents, or people with difficulty in climbing steps..need to request rooms on the lower floors. 

View of the Petronas from the family room balcony.  

Thats us, with the lovely landlady ! 

Thanks Ms. Esther..we had a lovely stay at your place. And thanks to your co-orodial staff . Stefan..and sorry..i dont remember the names of the others...

It was nice knowing you !!! 

And while the boys would stay back..we went for a quicky walk fround Petaling Street, The Chinatown of KL. 

 Not very crowded as expected, maybe as it was on a weekday..but the traffic was bad, as we left the stay by 7 pm. It  took us atleast 45 mins to reach there.  

 Well known for fakes of literally any brabded stuff t..from habdbags, watches... and to us,  well..was  just ok.

 And this was the main attraction for me. The yummy malaysian jackfruit !!!

 Some coarse fresh coffee gringing going on...

 The lok-loks's . Click ". my food post "here" to read more on this mode of cooking.


fakes..fakes..lots of it ! 

The clay pot cooking. Was interesting to watch.

Before setting of for this walk, we had asked our guide, Tony (mentioned in the next post), about where to go, if we need to get some grub, from Chintatown, and this was his recommendation. This place is said to give the best Hokkien noodles, said to be even better than its Singaporian counterpart. Said to be located near a cross road, next to a bank..think we did manage to locate the place..but got confused whether it was the eatery in front of the bank, or next to the bank. The image above it the eating place opposite the bank. So, we decided to finally give it a go..and get some fruits and lok-loks as take the kids were in the room, back in 5Twenty, so was not in a mood anyways, to have a meal for ourselves.   
KL styled Fried Hokkien Noodles (borrowed image)

Later the next day..clarified with Tony, which exactly was the location, and yes..we were actually on the right track. The restaurant in front of the bank, and the eating tables opposite the bank, all belongs to the same.  

So, next have a visit to Chinatown...get ur portion of the Hokkien form here. 

 Name - Restaurant Kim Lian Kee (digged it out from Google ) rumoured that this is the pioneer restaurant that sells hokkien noodle. 

image borrowed from the below mentioned post 

49-51, Jalan Petaling, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2032 4984
Business hours: 5pm to 5am
Close: Wednesday

Click on "this" link to read about another post i read, on this very same restaurant . 

So, it definitely is famous !! 


  1. Great to see u r pulling up your blogs for the tour u went... and how much detail, Sona... really nice... :)

  2. :) ha haa..thanks Rafeeds. U see the post list. The last, were in 2014 !! so definitely, i need to make up for the neglect :)