Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The technicality in sports - behind the scene equations

There's this magazine called "BULLETIN" by Red Bull which comes free with the news paper once or twice a month (honestly, have not bothered to check the frequency of its arrival)
Well..i am definitely not a sports person, unlike my husband who is in their college allumini sports team - be it cricket, football or volleyball. But got to admit...ever since they started featuring the Redbull Stratos Jump by Felix Baumgartner...i was literally looking forward to it. How a simple wish to jump from the top-MOST....and how they go around getting it done. It was just ultimate. I was a keen follower fo that particular feature.
The entire details are well in this site. Think..you have a dream..and is determined to work it out..go out and contact the Red Bull guys. They knows exactly how to get things done.
And the next attractive part of this magazine..is them featuring one sport per issue and the "technical equations" behind it. What works best for each sport.


You see that ??

just got me wondering..God ! do you really need soo much calculations  just to be throwing a ball ??


maths + physics = sports ???
again..at the end of the day...just can't help myself from wondering..."why can't some really rich inflential person have a dream....that I AM GOING TO ERADICATE CANCER FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH...and they get going with the ultimate team - The Red Bulls...and just GET IT DONE !!!
Millions would be soo greatful for this cause.


  1. Lol.. I actually read this post twice Sona.. I'm not a sports person at all and likewise it's just the opposite with my hubby and son.. Nice write-up dear :-)

  2. nice write up,love the sports and science will share with my kiddo.

  3. Ha,ha..good one sona,My hubby loves sports specially football and i am gonna recommend this...:)

  4. Neelu, Meena, Nisha..haa haa..next time our husbands set off to the playgrounds ..we need to make sure that they have got the equations right..!

  5. Wow, that is too much of technical equation!! I would rather wear my sports shoes and scoot :-)
    I love sports and to me it is all about playing and shedding some sweat!!
    Nice write up sona!!
    Also RedBull is voted as the team which has the best Marketing Campaign!!