Saturday, May 4, 2013

what's in ur tummy..mommie ??

watching home videos of the pre-birth boys asks.."where were we in this video?..well... all reasonings like.."u were sleeping in the other room, u were playing outside"..never works..until i was like.."alright, u were in mamma's tummy".

Finally, something clicked. They brought it ;)
. ...later...looking at one of our wedding snaps...."Serg, definitely not happy - y u did not take us for ur wedding ???.....
by then, i knew what will sell best with them .... " ALL were there...all three of you.... sleeping.. inside my tummy! know...too much of even honey, is no good.
Like said in malayalam..."athikamaayal..amruthavum visham!".
They got soo used to this phrase that for anything and everything ....the answer ends up in "it's in mummy's tummy!!!! Ask my little where where in the world had he misplaced his lost toys...and the answer is ready.."athu mammadae vaitilaa...its in mamma's tummy !!!...

Just sharing two of the images of the detailed scan that was done while i was expecting SMS No.3 @24 weeks.

Was not the doctor really excited ..saying..."wow!! luk at that...thebaby is waving to his mom!. Most of the time, the kids tend to keep their fits tightly closed even after birth ..but here, it was so widely open, as if giving a big hai...from within .
Gine me a fi..mommmie !!!

...and that was hi tiny weenie legs...
It was a great feeling, just seeing that. Well, proof that the boys were literally playing football in there. Thanks to their sports freak daddie :/

and..not so good part of that scan.
what the hell did  he think is in my womb! - Liqour !!! blody hell!!!

Think it was because he was born almost a month before his due date, that he still prefers to be in that state of existence :D

in the waters...most of the time


just sharing a forward that i came across in facebook, and thought it's just worth to be shared

Grand Conversation between twins:

Baby 1: And you, you believe in life after birth?

Baby 2: Absolutely. It’s obvious that life after birth exist. We are here ...
to become stronger and to get ready for Whatever awaits us next.

Baby 1: This is absurd. There is nothing after birth! What would life look like outside the womb?

Baby 2: Well, there are many stories about the other side. I’ve heard there is a blaze of light there, an intense and profound feeling of joy with deep emotions, thousands of things to live for… For example, I’ve heard that we’ll eat with our mouth, there.

Baby 1: That's silly. We have an umbilical cord and that is how we eat. Everyone knows that we don’t use our mouth to eat! And, on the top of it, no one has ever come back from the other world… Those stories are all coming from na├»ve people. Life just ends at birth. Period. That’s the way it is and we must accept it.

Baby 2: Alright, then allow me to think differently. That's for sure, I have no idea what life after birth looks like, and I can’t prove anything to you. But I like to believe, that in the next world, we’ll be able to see our mother and that she will take care of us.

Baby 1: “Mother”? You mean that you believe in ‘Mother’? Oh! So where is she?

Baby 2: Everywhere, don’t you see it! She is everywhere, all around us. We are part of her and it's thanks to her that we are living right now. Without her, we wouldn’t be here.

Baby 1: This is ridiculous! I’ve never seen any mother so it’s obvious that she doesn’t exist.

Baby 2: I don’t agree, that’s your way of seeing things. Because sometimes when everything quiets down a little bit, we can hear her sing. We can feel her hugging our world. I’m pretty sure that our life will start after birth.


  1. lovely write up,loved your scan photo.very interesting.

  2. Lovely, lovely write up, I love the scan imagaes, especially the foot.

  3. Nice write up.
    I just cracked up reading this line "y u did not take us for ur wedding ???" HaHa!!
    Love the scan with "Hi Fi"!! Not many get to see that kinda gesture while in tummy, good!!! Liqour was fun too.
    But did you draw the first picture? The womb pic? Looks like a hand drawn pic.

  4. Hahaha.. Sona I enjoyed reading this post.. Still can't stop laughing.. And loved the cute scan pics of waving hands and tiny lil feet :-)

  5. Hi Sona, very interesting posting. As I read I'm smiling from east to west. :))

    Your son is soo cute and adorable. Love the picture of him sitting inside the pail. Children are innocent, always ask funny question but then we still have to give them a appropriate reply.
    I like that line 'y u did not take us for ur wedding?' hahaha

    The scan pictures are really unique, hard to come by see a baby waving hand and leg like kicking the football. I was previously working in hospital and operating theater never come across such scan pictures. Yours is very special, one in a million.

    Have a nice day. Regards.