Thursday, December 12, 2013

a bright, sunny, cold afternoon..all to your self...

11.12.13                                                                                                       Wed, 11:30 am
Had I been a Stay-at-home-mom (well. I was...for the last 3 years) would have been the kind of day that I would definitely NOT be  Staying-at-home. Alright, the mornings and evenings are cold, about 3-9 deg C , just like that...but, the afternoons are lovely. A stroll out by our neighbourhood beach, or play-yard pushing one of my younger boys in the miss those days, at times...ever since I got back to workforce .
(Thats our Boy No.2 on his rounds while he was around 2 yrs old (a 3 yr old click). And that was our very very handy jogging stayed all though his days and Boy No.3 as well.) the old saying goes in our language..malayalam..
"vaidhyan kalpichathum...roghi ichichathum paalu"
 (what the patient what the doctor those lines.)
I had to take a half day off from work today, to be back home before our two younger ones reached back from school and I had about an hour to kill before they were back. So, either I reach back home early and just be there alone by myself... doing some browsing or watching TV..or ...or...or...
I take the other road and go straight to the beachfront for a stroll ! and yes ! thats exactly what I did.
Was not in the best of dressings for a walk, esp in workwear shoes ....yet....It felt good...a silent walk by the beach..eyes just wandering....
The usually, crowded playarea was soo silent, being a weekday afternoon except for few adults who were taking their afternoon walks ....
and, there was this Mom-Son duo
just sat there at the bench watching them play for a while..making sure, they dont notice that i was clicking as well (some paparazi work, i admit..but harmless ;) )
and what i felt cute...was this. More than the kido enjoying the was the Mom...making a mound out of the mud...then breaking it down as if the architecture doesnt fit and then trying out some other shape. 

At times..its fine to let out the child in enjoy the beauty around us, to the fullest.

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