Monday, September 29, 2014

Secure Tazzles using Nail Clear coat


 Tazzles and beaded-lace piping along borders. Something that is very much "IN" at the moment. But its definitely upsetting to see that lovely tazzle which you have handpicked have come out at the very first wear..or the beaded piping around the neck and hands have started rolling out just with the burst of a tiny thread.
(a borrowed image from Kaushi Collection blog)

(another borrowed image from googley)

And this, even though pretty along the edges, need to be handled with care especially at the edges. Some forehand precaution and it will stay in place intact.
Check near the end of the lace. As long as the tailors are patient enough to have knotted it tight, (most of the time..they do NOT !) you are well and good. Else not..they start coming out, one after the other.
Here's a quicky DIY means to ensure the thread ends stay tight .
Using Nail Clear Coat Polish.
Make a knot at the end if its loose and apply a generous coat of clear nail polish at the edges. Let it dry and repeat. The thread would get stiff and stay in place .

The same goes with tazzles too.

see the loose thread from the knot ?

Tie the knot tightly once again..hold the thread together and apply the polish all around generously.

Let dry the first coat and reapply again..till the polish dries up and the thread stiffens.

No worries..any more !


  1. i love the beaded trim and its so difficult to take care of it
    this is a great solution and i must an going to startt with it now
    Keep in touch

  2. Hi Sona, excellent posting. That's a great idea using nail polish to secure the knot. Great sharing!

    Have a wonderful week ahead,regards.

  3. Very pretty! Happy blogging. Following you now!

  4. Nice idea of using nail coat,I use this for my quilling

  5. Great idea Sona. I do it too sometimes :)